Laptop Buying Guide 2020 – Things to consider when buying a laptop

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A few years ago, the desktop computer was prevailing, but the laptop has replaced the desktop Computer. The laptop is more comfortable for students to use and carry than a desktop computer. Laptop now used for personal work, gaming, and business purposes instead of the desktop computer. Laptop buying is a complicated task for a new person. The buyer becomes confused at the time of laptop buying. The buyer often asks this question at the time of buying a laptop, Which things to consider when buying a laptop?

I am going to provide a laptop buying guide on how to check a laptop before buying, which will help you the buying of the best laptop. These are things that must view in a laptop at buying such as operating system, screen size, and other features processor, ram, and storage.

Best Specs For Laptop

ProcessorMinimum; Intel Core i5 Processor
RAMMinimum; 4 GB
StorageHard Drive
Minimum: 256 GB
Minimum: 256 GB
Screen SizeMinimum: 13-inch
Screen ResolutionMinimum: 4k
Batter TimingMinimum: 7 Hours

11 Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop

Use of Laptop

In the process of buying a laptop, you must decide where to use the computer. Deciding where to use a laptop is important because the choice of an operating system, screen size, processor, ram, and storage depend on your usage. You need to buy a laptop with features that can meet your needs. If you are buying a portable computer for gaming, then you should buy a laptop with features that can meet the requirement of gaming.

Operating System

The operating system is the one that controls the activities of any device. In the laptop, the operating system controls the hardware and permits the user to run the apps. OS also manages the resources of the computer and protect them. The famous Operating systems are Mac Os, Windows, and Chrome OS. The selection of OS depends on your need; either you buy the laptop for Personal work or gaming. Your need determines the operating system.

Windows OS

Windows is a prevalent operating system for computers; the reason for its popularity is that it updated with the latest technology by Microsoft. It’s also famous due to its design. The Windows OS used with a keyboard and mouse like a desktop computer; it also comes with a touch-screen. Windows laptop price starts from 150 dollars; this laptop comes with the latest features and touch screen. A lot of apps and games are available on it. Windows os has the power to cope with a difficult task, and it is better for researchers, students, businesses, and even gaming lovers.

Chrome OS

Chrome os is limited rather than windows and mac because its price is low compared to both. It is easy to use, and it based upon chrome browsers. Relatively chrome need less power to compare both windows and mac os. A few years back chrome laptops have not the ability to run applications but its changing now it can run applications. Chrome os is suitable for using web browsing social networking and homework like writing etc. chrome price is low compared to windows and mac operating systems and its battery life is also better.

Mac OS

Mac is a graphical operating system that was designed by the apple company. It is easy to use and user-friendly than the windows and also has better battery life. Mac os is much better in video editing and music-related task than windows. It’s even able to install applications on the laptop, and its use is comfortable on it. But the disadvantage of mac os is that its price is high compared to windows and it’s also not available with the touch screen. If you want to buy a laptop for use in the video editor and graphic related work that requires high power, then you purchase mac os laptop.


Laptop task handling depends on CPU, for example, if you move to from one app to another app CPU performs this task. In simple terms, the processor controls the entire laptop system. The excellent processor can perform the multi-task at the same time. Significant types of the processor are available such as intel core or AMD, But now intel is mostly used. Intel is offering core i3, i5, and core i7 with different generations, i7 is the latest among them.

Core i3

i3 is the entry stage of the core processor. I3 is best for a small task like writing, searching, and for daily life work. Core i3 is also suitable for music.

Core i5

i5 is the medium stage of the core processor; core can perform multi-task. Its best for web browsing and medium level gaming.

Core i7

This is best for gaming lovers. Core i7 has the power to perform the high-level task likes video editing, video production, and best for graphic designing.


Ram determines how much data you can store in your laptop. It helps the computer to perform the task. Each laptop requires 4 Gb of ram, even if the laptop has low-level functions have to perform. If your budget is low so you select that laptop with four Gb ram. 8 Gb ram is better for use in web browsing and personal work. If you want to perform high-level tasks so select 16 Gb ram, it can help you deliver the best performance in the task of video editing and gaming.


Storage is an important feature you must look in a laptop at the time of laptop buying. Storage device selection depends on how much data you want to save in a laptop — All these programs like photos, videos, audios, and documents stored in internal storage devices. Many storage devices are available with the laptop but mostly hard disk drive, and SSD laptops used.

Hard Disk

The hard disk drive is cheaper and has more data storage capacity, but hard disk drive is slow. The hard disk drive is better for storing small files like images and videos.


SSD (Solid State Drive) is expensive but performs of SSD is faster compare to the hard disk drive if you want to play games on the laptop, so you select SSD rather than a hard disk drive.

Screen Size

The laptop screen size starts from 11.6 and ends on 17.3 inches. Screen size choice depends on what you want to do with the laptop. Small screen size is easy to carry, but the big screen is difficult to carry.13, and 14 inches is best for students, travelers, and road professionals. Students can easily take a small screen size in the classroom. 15 and 17 inch size laptop is good for gaming and video editing .the one thing keeps in mind if you select a big screen size, so overall laptop size and weight also increased.

Screen Resolution

Image or video pixels depend on screen resolution. The highest Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160; this resolution is to know as 4k, and the lowest is 1920x 1080 know as 1080p. These resolutions determine the pixels of image and video. 4k is a high screen resolution therefore it is perfect for gaming, graphics, and video watching. If you want an image gathered less space, you can choose 4k screen resolution. If a laptop has 4k resolution then your laptop considers best laptop for streaming movies.1080p is better if you’re going to use a laptop in your homework.

Battery Timing

You must look the battery time of the laptop before buying the notebook because you use the laptop daily. If laptop battery timing is not good enough, then you can face problems with your work.if you want to buy a laptop for the office, you should choose a portable computer that has 6 to 8 hours of battery timing. Chrome laptop is the right choice in terms of battery.


The weight of the laptop increase with the screen if you select the large screen. Its mean weight of the laptop depends on screen size. The 13-inch screen laptop weight will be 2.3 pounds (1.04326 kilograms), and a 15-inch screen laptop will be 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms) .15 inch is best for students as they can easily lift the 5-pound weight. If you carry weigh more than 5 pounds, then you can choose the 17-inch screen laptop.


Best laptop buying depends on your budget. If your budget is under 200 dollar, you can select windows and chrome operating system laptop which have the average processor and screen resolution. If your budget is above 300 dollars, then you can choose the mac operating system laptop and also consider windows laptops, which have 8 Gb ram with a good processor.


Laptop Brand must be looked at the time of buying. If you want to buy the best laptop, so select a good brand. Many companies are producing laptops, but the most famous are apple, hp, dell, and Lenovo. If you have a larger budget, you can go with Apple laptop, apple laptop best for musing lovers. If you want windows operating system laptop, you can select dell. Lenovo is an expensive brand compared to others; it best for business; its design is also good.

Conclusion of Laptop Buying Guide

If you buying a laptop for personal use you can select intel core i5 laptop with 4 RAM and 13-inch screen size. You can select the best laptop if you will consider this laptop buying guide at the time of buying the laptop.


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