8 Best Laptops For Streaming Movies and TV Series 2020

Everyone loves to watch movies, and you do too? But it is not possible that we go to the cinema daily to watch movies because it is an expensive way. The laptop is the cheapest way of Watching movies and TV series without leaving your home. In nowadays, people love to watch movies and tv series on Netflix, youtube, amazon prime video, and so many other websites. So here we are presenting the list of the best laptops for streaming movies and TV series.

You buy that a laptop that can meet the needs of streaming movies. You select that laptop that has a great processor, ram, battery, and screen resolution for quality watching movies required a minimum 1920x1080 screen resolution and a 14-inch screen. There are many laptops available in the market, so it isn't very easy to choose the best laptop for watching movies.

Apple MacBook Air

The Macbook Air has all features which need for streaming movies, but it's a little expensive laptop from other laptops. It has a large display size 2560x1600 this resolution is good for watching movies and also for color works.

Apple MacBook Air comes with 13.3 screen size; its enough for watching videos, and its weight 3 pounds which is easy for everyone to lift. The quality of the laptop is also good.

The laptop battery is about 9 to 10 hours in normal usage, and it is suitable for watching movies. You can watch two movies in one charge. It comes with touch id you can lock the laptop and save it from others.

MacBook good in performance because it comes with intel core i5 processor and 8gb ram. This processor and ram are better for watching movies without any problems. MacBook has a good sound system with a wider stereo sound, so you don't need to connect a headphone to the laptop when you are watching a movie.

  • High Display Resolution
  • Good Battery Timing
  • Better Sound System
  • High Price
  • Less Storage

Acer Aspire E15

Aspire E15 is the best budget laptop for streaming movies because its price is 400$. Aspire E15 is a simple laptop and suitable for those persons who are buying the laptop for personal use and streaming videos.

This laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen, and HD display resolution is 1920x1080. This display is considered good for buying a computer for streaming movies. 1080p resolution provides you with quality video. Laptop weight is 5.29 pounds it average weight for carrying.

Acer aspires e15 is better for use in daily usages; it's not suitable for the massive task because it has an intel core i3 processor and 6 Gb. It comes with i3 8th generation.

Its battery timing around 10 to 12 hours in-home base work. If you are buying a laptop for watching movies, so aspire E15 is a better laptop at this price.

  • Affordable price
  • Good Battery Timing
  • Not good performance
  • Small Ram

Google Pixelbook

Google pixelbook is the best laptop for streaming movies because its specs fulfill the requirement for watching films, and its budget is also affordable. Pixelbook screen is 12.3-inch with a 360-degree touch screen display. And screen resolution is 2500x1600 who provides good pixels video. Its weight is 2.45 pounds.

Its processor is i5 7th generation, its ability to perform multiple tasks. It's come with 8gb ram whose ability to run multiple apps at one time. It also has excellent storage of 128 GB; you can store a lot of movies. The operating system of this laptop is chrome.

Battery timing is also better up to 7 hours. You can watch 2 to 3movies at a one-time charge. Google Pixelbook is the best laptop for streaming Netflix because it has the best features for video.

  • High Storage
  • Fast Processor
  • Battery Timing
  • Small Screen Size

Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Dell Inspiron is an expensive choice, but it's best laptop for watching a movie on Netflix because it comes with HD high screen resolution (1920 x 1080), and its screen size is 15.6-inch with a touchscreen. Requirements for the streaming movie is fulfilled by its screen resolution and size; therefore, you can buy this for streaming movies.

Dell Inspiron comes with intel core processor i5 8th generation. Its ram is 8 GB who is better for high works. It has a backlit keyword and also has HD webcam who is best for video calling. It's also best for listening to music.

Its battery timing can run two movies through a one-time charge. Its color is silver if you want to buy the laptop only for watching movies, so its the best laptop.

  • HD Display
  • Touch Screen
  • Battery Timing

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft surface book 2 is best for you if you also want a tablet with a laptop because it 2 in 1 laptop you can easily change in tablet in one minute. This laptop is also best for streaming Netflix. It's available in the 15-inch screen with a touchscreen. Its screen resolution is 3240x2160, who is best for watching movies. The weight of the laptop is 4.2 pounds with the keyboard.

It has a fast processor intel core i7 whose ability to perform the huge task. It comes with 16gb ram and 512 GB storage. If you love to store movies so this is the best choice for you. You will no need to delete laptop data every week if you buy this. Its operating system is window 10 pro.

Surface Book 2 is the best choice in the term of battery. Its battery timing is 17 hours. You can use this laptop for consecutive 17 hours. Surface Book 2 is the best laptop for streaming movies, but its price is high if you afford this, so you buy this and enjoy movie life.

  • Good Battery Timing
  • Fast Performance
  • Lot of Storage
  • Expensive

Lenovo Flex 15

Lenovo Flex 15 is the best choice for streaming movies, and if you are also looking 2 in 1 laptop, so this is the best laptop for you. Flex 15 is best for watching movies in a sense its screen size is 15.6-inch with a touch screen if you have this laptop so you no need of projector for watching videos.

Its screen resolution is 1366x768; this resolution is better for watching videos and movies. Lenovo Flex 15 is fit your lifestyle because its a 2 in 1 laptop you can easily convert in tablet. This laptop is also the best to choose for security reasons because it has a fingerprint reader; you can lock the computer.

Lenovo Flex 15 has a fast processor intel core i7 8th generation; you can easily streaming movies and browsing without any difficulty. It comes with 8 GB ram.you can store a lot of videos on this laptop because it has 256 Gb SSD storage.

Its battery timing is up to 10 hours. You can easily watch three movies in a one-time charge. This laptop fulfills all requirements for streaming movies; therefore, you can buy this laptop.

  • Battery Timing
  • Touchscreen
  • 2 in 1 laptop

    ASUS Zenbook

    Asus zen book is the best laptop for streaming movies on Netflix because it has all the specs for watching videos and movies. Zenbook has a 13.3-inch screen with a touch screen and 1920x1080 screen resolution, so this laptop suitable for watching movies.

    You can quickly move this laptop for one place to another because it's a 2 in 1 laptop. You can convert in a tablet at any time for watching movies and tv serials. It comes with window 10 os and 1st Zenbook that certified with Microsoft Cortana with Voice-Premium.

    Asus zen book has Intel Core m3-6Y30 6th generation Processor and eight ram. Its also has 256 GB SSD storage after this you no need other devices for store data.

    Its battery timing is also suitable for browsing and watching related. The best thing about this laptop its has 1-year Warranty with Asus and one-year Accidental Damage Protection. If an accident damages your laptop, you can easily replace it.

    • Hd Screen
    • Lot of storage
    • 2 in 1 laptop
    • Screen Size

    Acer Chromebook 14

    Acer Chromebook 14 is the best laptop for watching movies on Netflix because its price is low. Its screen size is 14-inch. It has an HD screen with1920x1080 screen resolution, which provides good pixel videos and images.

    It comes with Intel Celeron N3160 Processor and 4 GB ram. It suitable for small tasks like web browsing, listening to music and watching movies. It's not a good laptop if you are planning to store videos on the laptop because it has a limited space of storage. The weight of the laptop is 3.5 pounds, which are can easily carry one place to another.

    The Best thing about chrome laptops is that they have excellent battery timing. Acer Chromebook 14 is also better battery timing up to 12 hours, which is best for streaming movies.

    • Better Battery
    • Low Rate
    • Better Display
    • Less Price
    • Less Space

    Laptop Specs For Streaming Movies

    It will help if you have that laptop for streaming movies that have the capability and specs to run a movie on Netflix. Therefore we are going to provide a laptop buying guide for watching videos. We are going point significant laptops specs for streaming movies.

    Screen Size

    One thing must be kept in mind at screen selection if you select a big size screen, so laptop weight also increases. Numbers of options are available in screen size. Like

    11-12 inch

    13-14 inch

    15-16 inch

    17 inch

    I give advice you to select between 13 to 15-inch screen. Screen selection depends on the budget. If your budget is high, so you choose the 15-inch screen. A 13-14 inch screen is also best for streaming movies. If you want to enjoy movies on a big screen, then you can go with 17-inch.

    Screen Resolution

    Hd screen resolution is 3840x2160, know as 4k, and 1920x1080 know as 1080p. You can choose the 1080p if your budget is low. 1080p provides the best pixels video, but 4k provides HD video. If you afford 4k, then you go with 4k.


    The performance of your device depends on the processor. Intel Core and AMD processors are available in the market, but mostly intel core is used. It's available with i3, i5, and i7 with different generations. For Streaming Movies, you at least select a dual-core i5 processor. I5 is best for web browsing and watching videos.


    Ram enhances the performance of the laptop. For watching movies and Tv serials, you can select 4gb ram. If you have a high budget then you can go with 8gb it depends entirely on you.


    Storage takes importance in that case if you want to store films and dramas in your pc. If you are interested in saving movies, then you go with a 128gb storage computer.

    Battery Timing

    If we come to the battery, you should buy then a laptop that provides at least 7 hours of battery timing because the length of a movie is around about 150 minutes. And it consumes up to 3 hours of battery timing. Chrome operating system laptop is the best choice in terms of battery.


    If you want to select a laptop out of these eight according to budget, processor, ram, screen size, and resolution so, I will recommend you Aspire E15 and googlepixel Book because both laptops price is in the medium range and have best features for streaming movies. If your budget is under 400$ so, you can go with Aspire E15, and if your budget above then goes with google pixel book. Those are the best laptops for Streaming Movies.


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